October 8, 2014-Celebration Video

Written by Erik Weihenmayer:

My recent No Barriers Grand Canyon expedition was my most physically and mentally challenging experience yet. It was a big stretch for me and my team. Throughout, there was plenty of fear, intensity, even some panic. However, there were also moments of joy and celebration. Now with the expedition behind us, it’s time to celebrate the journey and all the barriers shattered along the way. Many of you joined us by following along through our dispatches from the river, and some of you supported us by taking the No Barriers Pledge yourself, committing to your own No Barriers Life. So let’s take a moment and all celebrate together. Check out this video which speaks to that celebration Grand Canyon style.

October 7, 2014- Kayaking Blind Grand Canyon Expedition Recap 

October 1, 2014- White Water Highlights
For a sighted adventurer, the Grand Canyon is a visual masterpiece with huge chaotic rapids surrounded by steep rock walls tiering upward for thousands of feet. However, for a blind person, the view is close up and personal, reduced to what you can touch with your hands and feel beneath your boat. And when you can’t see, there’s no way to truly understand the white-water, . . . without going into it. See some of the highlights . . .

September 30, 2014-Lifestyle in the Grand Canyon

Flying back home yesterday: with noisy lines in the airport, long flight delays, and dashing down moving sidewalks to make connections: it was like coming back to a whole different planet. Spending three weeks surrounded by the natural wonder of the Grand Canyon and the friends to whom I’ve repeatedly trusted my life was a rebirth, like setting the clock back to midnight in anticipation of a new day and new chapter of my life. Check out this festive video to get a taste of camp life on the river:

 September 29, 2014-No Barriers Pledge Grand Canyon

Have you taken your No Barriers Pledge?

September 26, 2014-What’s Your Barrier?

September 26, 2014-Erik’s and Lonnie’s Communications Systems

September 25, 2014- Training with Arjun

Erik’s last training before the Grand Canyon with his son Arjun on the Upper Colorado River

September 19, 2014: Upper Granite Gorge

September 19, 2014-Experiencing Redwall Cavern. 

September 10, 2014-Meet Lonnie Bedwell 

September 12, 2014-Launch!

September 11, 2014-Touching the Ottawa

July, 2013- Sensory Overload by Rob Raker

Check out this short film, “Sensory Overload” by Rob Raker,  showing Erik learning to white water kayak!

4 Corner Film Logistics

Harlan Taney, my kayak guide and owner of 4 Corner Film Logistics, has spent the last several years working on developing stable filming platforms with a company called Freefly Systems. Their product, the MoVI is a stable platform that various cameras can be mounted to and either controlled by hand or remote. Together, Harlan and Freefly  are taking this technology to remote locations to capture stunning visuals. One of these projects was the No Barriers Grand Canyon expedition in September 2014 and we came away with some amazing footage.