Raised in Fort Collins, CO, Skyler quickly took the chance to head to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado, where he became a varsity letterman in the much revered sport of Ralphie Handling, basically dressing up like a cowboy and chasing a 1500-pound live buffalo around the field before home football games. For the last six years, Skyler has been a key part of Erik Weihenmayer’s business team at Touch The Top, handling day-to-day operations and business development in addition to training and adventuring with Erik.  Skyler  started kayaking, at first to train with Erik, but over the last several years, after lots of rolls and several swims has developed his own passion and enjoyment of the sport. He has joined expeditions to Mexico, Peru, Idaho, Utah and the Grand Canyon and handles much of the behind the scenes coordination for Erik’s expeditions and training.  Skyler also enjoys, trail running, skiing, mountain biking, and what he calls a “perfect waste of time” – fly fishing.  He and his wife, Kristin, live in Golden, CO.