Growing up in Great Falls, Montana, Seth starting playing on rivers at a young age. In 2002 he bought a brand new Wavesport Z and a book on how to Eskimo roll and over the next couple days with many swims he taught myself how to roll a kayak in the Missouri River. Rivers have been essential to his life ever since.

Seth served 7 years in the 163rd Infantry, a Guard Unit out of Missoula, Montana and upon returning home from a year-long tour in Iraq in 2004-2005 he found a productive outlet in boating. Rivers have humbled Seth, challenged him, and scared him. They have been my source of income and they have given him great joy and peace. Seth can’t speak enough about how rivers have helped him adjust to civilian life after the turmoil of war.

Seth currently works as a guide on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho and winter in Missoula where he shoots and edits outdoor based videos under his video production company Big Cedar Media. He has a journalism degree from the University of Montana and is motivated to capture positive and encouraging outdoor stories that highlight the complexity of the human condition.