Born and raised in Flagstaff, AZ, Harlan Taney has made a life of adventuring around the globe.  He has kayaked exotic rivers from China to Norway, South America to New Zealand. For the last 18 years, Harlan has spent his summers as a Grand Canyon river guide amassing somewhere in the ballpark of 160 trips down the “Big Ditch.” He has joined Erik for adventures from Mexico and Peru to the Salmon River in Idaho and will serve as Erik’s primary guide in the Canyon.  In 2012, Harlan attempted a solo speed run of the Grand Canyon, to paddle the 277 mile stretch in 36 hours. He launched at midnight with the anticipation of riding a dam release that would bring the river to flood stage at 40,000 cfs.  In the early hours of the dawn he was flipped and dashed against a rock wall in Grapevine Rapid at mile 82. Injured from the incident and alone, he made the decision to go to shore and hike out with his boat to the rim. He’ll be back to make his mark among the long history of Grand Canyon boaters. In the meantime,  Harlan is the owner and operator of 4 Corner Film Logistics, managing productions for National Geographic, Discovery, NBC and the BBC to name a few. He lives in Flagstaff with is two young daughters.