January 2015-Steve Mace Grand Canyon Reflection

Climber, Skier, kayaker and adventure aficionado, Steve Mace, has been around the world with Erik, from guiding blind Tibetan teens on the North Face of Mt. Everest to rivers in Peru and the Western US. Steve served as one of Erik’s training partners, guides and a safety boater on the No Barriers Grand Canyon Expedition.

My favorite moment on the expedition to hear Erik say that say he wanted to hike back up and run Lava again after he swam the first time. Being there to see him make the roll back upright at the bottom and make it through with a smile made me proud to be a part of this team.

To me living a no barriers life is life lived by embracing your vulnerabilities as opportunities for growth and by having the courage to face down your fears and push past those obstacles to better your life.

Can’t say I harnessed any particular barrier but I am continually working on being more comfortable with where I am in my life. Embracing my lack of any specific direction as opportunity. I think that this trip opened my eyes up to a world of opportunities that I have been overlooking or blind too for a variety of reasons. Turning fear into opportunity . . . that’s what I’m working on.

–Steve Mace