January 2015-Seth Dahl Grand Canyon Reflection

Seth Dahl is an Iraq War veteran, having served 7 years in the Montana 163rd Infantry. He spends his summers guiding river trips on Idaho’s Salmon River and winters shooting and editing positive and encouraging outdoor stories that highlight the complexity of the human condition. Seth was one of Lonnie’s guides on the No Barriers Grand Canyon Expedition.

A high point for me was running Lava Falls with Lonnie and Chris. After running a clean line through the rapid, we were sitting in the eddy high-fiving each other. Lonnie turned and said, “that was it?” from behind a wet, mustached grin. I will always remember Lonnie’s grin after each of the rapids.

I have overcome some barriers in my life recently and this trip gave me support for my lifestyle change in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve been able to take this “No Barriers” message to family members and friends who need it. I left very inspired and motivated to reach my goals and to become the person I’ve always wanted to be.

-Seth Dahl