Day #21: Saturday, September 27-Pearce Ferry Finish! Mile 277

The team endured a massive storm last night, experiencing first-hand, the power of Mother Nature ripping through the dry desert. They are now en route to Flagstaff, Arizona, for the celebration event Sunday night. To learn more, please visit and click the tab at the top of the page that says “Flagstaff Event”. We will share photos of the takeout as soon as we receive them.

What an amazing expedition it has been. We can’t wait to share more exciting insight from Erik, Lonnie and the team on their historic adventure.

Erik and Lonnie have taken their No Barriers Pledge, and shattered their barrier of kayaking the Grand Canyon blind.

Have you taken your No Barriers Pledge? Keep Climbing!

Here’s a photo of Erik’s kids, Emma and Arjun, playing in the mud the morning after the flash flood causing storm.