Day #18: Wednesday, September 24-Erik’s Birthday Party

Yesterday, the team celebrated Erik’s birthday in an honorable way. Erik’s wife, Ellen, spoke with one of the members on the team via satellite phone and got the inside scoop of yesterday’s events. The team started off the day by going through several rapids with two of the five being more challenging. At mile 222, they set up camp and made Erik’s birthday on the Grand Canyon one to remember. The person who originally taught Erik to kayak and also his long time friend, Rob Raker, created a drift wood sculpture. Katie Proctor, a guide on the team wrote an incredible poem that we will share later if she’s okay with it. Seth Dahl did a beautiful art scene of the canyon. Please forgive us for the missing names for now. Lonnie Bedwell gave a surprise awesome speech and then came the music. The rule was everyone had to go around the circle and sing a verse. Harlan Taney, the expedition’s main guide broke out his guitar and we hear that they sang until the night was gone.